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Скачать Learn in Your Car Russian: The Complete Language Course бесплатно

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Learn in Your Car Russian: The Complete Language Course

Аудиокурс русского языка как иностранного на английском языке. Удобно использовать во время вождения автомобиля или работы.

Название: Learn in Your Car Russian: The Complete Language Course
Автор: Henry N. Raymond
Издательство: Penton Overseas
Год выпуска: 2002
Жанр: иностранные языки, обучение, аудиокурс, русский как иностранный
Формат: MP3
Язык: русский, английский
Размер: 362 Мб

Look ma, no textbooks! The Learn in Your Car series treats you like a child--in the best possible way-starting with one-word phrases ("please," "good-by"), counting exercises, and simple nouns ("bus," "train") designed to imitate a child's learning process. First you hear the words in English, then they are repeated slowly in clear, unaccented pronunciations. The method is extremely effective for those who don't know a thing, or for those who want to brush up by testing themselves when the English words are spoken. The tapes emphasize the building blocks of communicating in a foreign country rather than rote phrases that only apply on the tape and not in real-life exchanges. Level 1 painlessly covers basic verb forms, essential prepositions, near future and past tenses, as well as shopping, hotel reservations, and other travel-related situations. The series includes French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish in three levels that can be purchased individually or in boxed sets. Each level contains two 90-minute cassettes (or CDs) and an accompanying booklet (not for use behind the wheel) with helpful explanations and scripts for the lessons. This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
Book Description
Listeners learn pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar of a new language without the need of a textbook. Convenient to use while driving, working out... or anywhere!

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