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Скачать RMS Titanic 1909-12 (Olympic Class) (Owners' Workshop Manual) бесплатно

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 RMS Titanic 1909-12 (Olympic Class) (Owners' Workshop Manual)

Название: RMS Titanic 1909-12 (Olympic Class)
Автор: David Hutchings, Richard de Kerbrech
Издательство: Haynes Publishing
Серия: Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual
ISBN: 978 1844256624
Год издания: 2011
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 83*2
Формат: PDF
Размер: 55,1 MB

The world famous ocean liner Titanic, which sank on her maiden voyage in 1912, is the latest subject to receive the Haynes Manual treatment. With an authoritative text and hundreds of illustrations, see how this leviathan was built, launched and fitted out. Read about her lavish passenger accommodation. Learn about the captain's responsibilities, including the operation of a transatlantic liner. Consider the chief engineer's view - how did he manage the huge engines and other onboard systems? What was it like to operate a luxury ocean liner from the perspective of Titanic's owner, the White Star Line?


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