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 The Felted Bag Book

Автор: Susie Johns
Название: The Felted Bag Book
Издательство: New Holland Publishers Ltd.
Год: 2009
Формат: jpeg
Размер: 17 mb
Страниц: 112
Язык: English

Claiming anything felted as her universe, British author Johns divides her 21 projects into four categories: fleece (the raw materials combined with a combination water/soap/heat/friction), knitting, crochet, and recycled materials. She prefaces her plethora of patterns with full basic instructions on the materials and tools needed, then immediately launches into the specific how-to’s. Each handbag is named and, more importantly, directions are illustrated with words and, when at a critical junction, with close-up color photographs. Styles are simple and, even when embellished, retain a modern flair, whether resembling a hot water bottle (“Scarlet”) or employing a gently pre-worn blanket (“Caroline”). Easy, breezy, and well in time for holiday stitching.


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