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Скачать German Ski Training and Tactics бесплатно

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German Ski Training and Tactics

Название: German Ski Training and Tactics
Серия: Special Series No.20
Издательство: Military intelligence Division
Страниц: 118
Формат: PDF
Размер: 11 Мб
Качество: Хорошее
Год: 1944
Язык: английский

This work is an edited translation of a Gorman manual entitled Tentative Instructions for the Training and Tactics of Ski Troops (Vorliiufige Richtlinien fur Ausbildwrtg und Kampf von Skitruppen). Like the Handbook o?i Winter "Warfare (Taschenbueh. fur den Winterkrieg). which has been published as "German Winter Warfare," Special' Seriea. No. 18 (15 December 1943), the ski manual is based on the experiences of the German forces on the Eastern Front and on lessons learned from the Finnish Army.
It will be noted that German infantry regiments and divisions engaged in winter warfare organize their own provisional ski companies and battalions, and that independent ski battalions also are organized by the Army High Command to be employed as GHQ, troops (see par. 23, p, 59). The only German ski units that are organic are in the SS mountain divisions.
There are numerous references in the text to Training Regulations for Infantry, a manual covering many subjects, including close-order drill, employment of light infantry weapons, and minor tactics. It is a manual designed for the training of the squad, the section, the platoon, and (he company. The references to this manual in the text have been preserved in order to show the extent to which the German ski units apply and adapt basic infantry technique to the requirements of training and combat on skis.


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