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Скачать Microsoft Windows Vista Administration бесплатно

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  • 19 апрель 2011
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 Microsoft Windows Vista Administration

Автор:Antony T. Velte, Dennis R. Glendenning and Toby J. Velte
Название:Microsoft Windows Vista Administration
Издательство: The McGraw-Hill Companies
Год: 2007
Размер: 16,6 Mb
It’s an excellent piece of work, and you could call this the “Vista Manual That Microsoft Never Wrote.” This book is special because it includes third-party tips and tools and also covers the process of deployment and management, going way beyond just the technology. Even so, they go into great detail about Vista, how to keep it running, and, more importantly, how to keep it secure.
If you are a systems analyst, network architect, desktop and server admin, or professionally interested in this latest flavor of Windows, this book is for you. If
you are tasked with having to roll out Vista, you definitely need to read this book.
The authors clearly demonstrate what has changed under the hood and how to get the most out of these new features.
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