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 Bridge to abstract mathematics

Ronald E Morash
Издательство: Publisher: The Random House/Birkhauser Mathematics Series
Год: 2004
Кол-во страниц: 423
Формат: pdf
10 Мб
Язык: английский
This text is directed toward the sophomore through senior levels of university mathematics, with a tilt toward the former. It presumes that the student has completed at least one semester, and preferably a full year, of calculus. The text is a product of fourteen years of experience, on the part of the author, in teaching a not-too-common course to students with a very common need. The course is taken predominantly by sophomores and juniors from various fields of concentration who expect to enroll in juniorsenior mathematics courses that include significant abstract content. It endeavors to provide a pathway, or bridge, to the level of mathematical sophistication normally desired by instructors in such courses, but generally not provided by the standard freshman-sophomore program. Toward this end, the course places strong emphasis on mathematical reasoning and exposition. Stated differently, it endeavors to serve as a significant first step toward the goal of precise thinking and effective communication of one's thoughts in the language of science.
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