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Скачать 3D Game Programming All in One бесплатно

  • kuza
  • 11 май 2011
  • 21:42:21
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 3D Game Programming All in One

Автор:Kenneth C Finney
Название:3D Game Programming All in One
Издательство:Course Technology PTR
Размер:17.5 mb

This book contain all of the tools and information necessary to create a complete ready-to-play first person shooter game. Functions as a stand-alone book or 'the next step' for readers of Game Programming All in One, which takes the reader through each step of the creation of a full 2D game. Provides thorough explanation of 3D game programming, an emerging market within gaming. The CD is a treasure chest of tools and resources for independent game developers, including a fully featured game engine; tools for modeling, sound and text editing, and image manipulation; sound, image, and music libraries.

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