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 Principles of Naval Architecture Second Revision. Volume III

Автор: Edward V. Lewis, Editor
Название: Principles of Naval Architecture Second Revision. Volume III
Издательство: The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Год: 1988
Формат: PDF
Размер: 86,12 Mb
Язык: Английский

Volume III • Motions in Waves and Controllability

The original version of this book, Principles of Naval Architecture, was first published by the Society in 1939. Editors H. E. Rossell and L. B. Chapman stated that the purpose of the work was to "adequately cover the field of naval architecture in one text." This they did, in two volumes, serving the Society's students and members more than adequately for nearly 30 years.
The First Revision was published in 1967, with John P. Comstock serving both as Chairman of the Control Committee and Editor. It consisted of one volume containing 11 chapters and an Appendix. Continuing changes in naval architecture, such as technical practices, new criteria and regulations regarding damage stability and ship strength, new knowledge about ocean waves and seakeeping, and the use of computers, prompted the Society to undertake the Second Revision in 1978. President Robert T. Young appointed John J. Nachtsheim as Chairman of the Control Committee, and Professor Edward V. Lewis was named Editor. Serving on the Control Committee, charged with the important tasks of choosing the authors and review of the chapters, were Thomas M. Buermann, William A. Cleary, Richard B. Couch, Jerome L. Goldman, Jacques B. Hadler, Ronald K. Kiss, Donald P. Roseman, Stanley G. Stiansen and Charles Zeien. This Second Revision of Principles of Naval Architecture (PNA) is the result of this Committee's work.
Even though the First Revision chapters on tonnage admeasurement, load line assignment and launching were removed from PNA to the 1980 edition of Ship Design and Construction, the remaining PNA chapters were so enlarged by new material that the decision was made to expand the Second Revision into three volumes.
Only the authors and the editors can appreciate the time and difficulties involved in writing, reviewing and editing this mass of knowledge into suitable form for publication. The work of these people, who are esteemed in their respective fields, has been as selfless as it is priceless to our Society and its membership. The Society is deeply indebted to the authors and to the tireless reviewers of the Control Committee.
To quote the late Matthew G. Forrest, a Past President of the Society, "The Society hopes that this First Revision of Principles of Naval Architecture will prove to be as useful, both to students and to those engaged in the practice of the profession, as the original edition proved to be."
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