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  • 9 май 2012
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X-art - Linsay - Pretty Backdoor Baby

X-art - Linsay - Pretty Backdoor Baby
68JPG | 4000/2000/1200px | 84MB
We shot tall, slim and pretty Linsay recently. She is a new to modeling but she knows what she likes.
Usually, we shoot a solo scene of any new model before we try for a sex scene, but Linsay insisted that she does not like solos. She wanted to be (excuse my language) fucked by a man and preferably anally in order for her to enjoy her work. Well, we should have believed her - the solo masturbation scene was almost impossible to film, she did not know what to do! We tried to explain but she just did not get it, she said she does not usually masturbate. You will see the results for yourself later.

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